What is Grace Chapel Pickwick?

Grace Chapel Pickwick is a come as you are gathering of believers. We desire to worship in a casual, contemporary, Christ-centered atmosphere.

Every Sunday morning Grace Chapel hold worship at 10am in Freddy T’s Club 50.  Everyone is encouraged to “Come as you are”.

It is our goal at Grace Chapel to give away half of the offerings to local ministries and missions. We wanted to find places in the community to plug in and help. We have been so blessed to do just that!

What does Grace Chapel believe?

Grace Chapel believes its name.  We believe in the “grace” of God found only by faith in Jesus Christ.  This “grace” is sovereignly shown by God to undeserving sinners at salvation and in every area of our lives.  We believe our Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is marked by grace.  We believe that the Bible is a book primarily about the grace of God.  We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is distinguished by grace.  And we believe that the call of God on our lives is revolutionary for us to become people of grace.

How did you get here?

Pastor Don Elliott believed that God was sending him to Pickwick to begin a ministry. He began cold call knocking on doors talking with local businesses to seek out what God was trying to tell him. It did not take long for him to find the answer.  Grace Chapel Pickwick would hold worship services at Freddy T’s Restaurant in Pickwick. The venue was secured and a leadership team was formed.

The idea was that Grace Chapel Pickwick would be a place where people visiting our area would be able to find a home church…away from home.

The plan was to go forward with seasonal worship services in summer 2017.

Summer 2017 for GCP was amazing. We plugged right in to our community and found a FAMILY! No one wanted it to end.

In September 2017, the leadership team voted to continue Grace Chapel year round. We will go where HE leads and we are excited to see what is next!

Our core Grace Chapel congregation continues to grow with local Pickwick Lake residents as well as “lake” church home visitors and homeowners.

We would love to be your “lake” church home, away from home.

What time is worship?

10am every Sunday morning at Freddy T’s. We encourage you to come early and fellowship. Coffee is available.

Where? Freddy T’s at Pickwick Lake, TN? You have church in a bar?  

We sure do! Grace Chapel Pickwick Sunday worship is held in the Club 50 portion of Freddy T’s Restaurant in Counce, TN. We are so grateful for restaurant owners Rhonda Dobbs, Joel Long and Marsha Fisher allowing us use of this room.

Grace Chapel and Freddy T’s have worked hand in hand on several amazing community projects and look forward to what we can accomplish together in the future. 

We know that being located in Freddy T’s is different. But…we ARE different. No one should be ashamed to meet God in any place or at any time. We encourage you to “come as you are”. That’s in every way. Jesus loves you just the way you are and so do we.

What is your denomination?

Grace Chapel is not in a particular denomination.  We are a community church seeking to connect with what the Lord is doing in the Pickwick Lake area.  We have found that many who have had church backgrounds, and not currently in a church, have found a spiritual home at Grace Chapel.

Do you have music?

You BET! Worship leader David Duncan has assembled an amazing praise band. The band begins the service at 10am.

Band members include: David Duncan – worship leader, Shelby Pratt – assistant worship leader, Marty Lewis – keys, bass, vocals, Dillon Keith – guitar, Jabari Temple – drums, Amy Slack – vocals

Tech Team: Kale Keith

Is there children’s church?

Yes. Children are dismissed for children’s church after the music.

How long does service last?

Service begins at 10am with music. Pastor Don Elliott will bring the message and service is generally dismissed by 11:15am.

How can I give to Grace Chapel?

It is our goal at Grace Chapel to give away half of the offerings to local ministries and missions.

Donate via PayPal or look for the red boxes on Sunday morning.

We appreciate you!