Interim Pastor Dr. Leonard Pratt

Interim Guest Pastor Bobby Capps

Worship Leader David Duncan

Band members:

Marty Lewis – keys, vocal

Andy Dixon – bass

Jabari Temple – percussion

Dillion Keith – guitar

Will Young – guitar

Matt Cossey – guitar

Background vocals: Amy Slack, Maria Davis, Deana Makepeace

Occasionally we will need a substitute in the band and we are SO blessed to get to work with the best! Here are a few very talented local musicians that sit in with Grace Chapel’s worship band.

A/V: Stacey Childs –

Tech Team: Jackson Keith, Stacey Childs – AV Solutions

Children’s Ministry: Patience Rorie

Youth Ministry: Jeff and Deedra Hollis

The Leadership Team is made up of the following people:
Dr. Leonard and Anita Pratt – Assistant Pastor
David Duncan – Worship Leader
Shelby Sparks – Assistant Worship Leader
Marsha Fisher – Treasurer
Patience Rorie – Children
Jeff Hollis – Youth
Kelly Edge – Prayer
Kim Edge – Women’s Ministry
Tim and Kristy Barnes – Missions
Ray and Nancy Puckett – Hospitality
Phil and Vickie Little – Small Groups
Tony Russell – Security
Tanya Manus – Pickwick Southside School
Mike and Mary Blundell – HOPE team

Our team does not end here. We have countless other people that do so much for Grace Chapel. We appreciate and love each and every one of you.