We just wanted to share this note from David and Laura Nelson with our Grace CHAPEL family. Thank you all for helping us support their ministry. Please be in prayer for our mission team as they prepare their next mission trip. 😊 

Jesus love you and so do we

Galatians 6:9:
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

May 14th, 2019 – Grace Chapel family….you have made it possible for us to give away SEVEN Brett Finch Fund Scholarships tonight….totalling $3500!

Thank you! All Glory to God!


Saturday, March 9, 2019
Today, our goal was to arrive at the Roca Blanca mission base but God had other plans. We did not catch our 3rd flight. Through the stress, constant encouragement and floods of prayers, we decided to stay in Mexico City for the night and catch a flight Sunday. While the Holy Spirit led us to certain people, we made many friends.




Mission Team update

Monday, March 11, 2019
This group is spread all across the school. Tim and Kb are helping the pre-k and kindergarten. Kristy is helping the elementary. Monnie and MaKaden are helping the middle school students as well as the high school students. And Tuesday, we will meet the 11 orphans.
To: Grace Chapel From: Kim and Kelly Edge
“Monday was amazing at Roca Blanca! As we prayed for many who came into the medical clinic, we could sense the Holy Spirit guiding us and opening our hearts to the concerns and ailments of the people here. One little fellow, Victor Ramón, was there with his mother and aunt. She came out of the clinic with a tract in her hand; she had accepted Jesus as her Lord after speaking to brother Jesus in the oración (prayer) room. Three precious souls were born again that we know of so far! We believe we will hear of many more salvations and many healings to come. Many lives are being impacted. Everyone on this team feels that God began the change with each of us… and the impact will forever be far reaching. Praise God!!!”

UPDATE from our mission team

Tuesday, March 12th

Medical report: 
It has been an amazing experience being at Roca Blanca Mission base. Our first day we worked at the Corbin Clinic treating patients physically and then sending them to our prayer team for spiritual healing. We have all been blessed to see God’s hand at work in this beautiful place. Thank you for continuing to pray for our team as we serve in southern Mexico. We look forward sharing our hearts with you all when we return. 

Much love in Christ, Doc and Anitta Pratt.

Mission Team Update
by Anita Pratt:
We just wrapped up a two day medical mission in Puerto Angel, México. The local pastor Oscar was so gracious to open his home and church up to us while we were there. Each one of us has stories to share of how God has worked in and through us during our time here at this little costal fishing village. The Lord truly blessed the team by allowing us to witness a true harvest as we received a report of 85 clinic patients accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!!! We headed back to Roca Blanca mission base tonight and Laura Pratt Nelson had prepared one of Oaxaca’s specialties for dinner, mole tamales which were so delicious! She had also prepared a beautiful dolce de leche cake for Leonard’s birthday! Needless to say, we have eaten very well during our time here. God bless you all and thank you for your prayers for the Grace Chapel team. We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

Mission Team Updates:
Stated by Monnie Whitmore:

March 11, 2019
Each morning, Pastor Don has started the day with a devotional centered around the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Twelve Disciples (there are twelve of us on the mission team). I am being convicted each morning of the Call to listen, to wait, to learn humility, and to serve even in the smallest of ways (Anita shared that we should be faithful in the smallest of things at last night’s discussion). 

March 11, 2019:
KB and Tim worked with pre-k and kindergarten all day. They took pictures with KB’s Polaroid, and then made decorated frames with the teacher. Each child received a picture to take home. It was a beautiful sight to behold as they talked of it last night at our meeting.
Kristy worked with twenty-two elementary students all day by assisting the three teachers as they taught multi-subjects. MaKaden and I met with the lead teacher concerning needs of the students and school, personal stories of children in the orphanage, and the work to do with the junior and senior high beginning at 11:30 each day. That’s when their English lesson begins.
There are far more activities that took place than I have time to tell right now. Children laughing, singing, reciting, and smiling at you from behind palm trees will forevermore be something that will remain in my heart.

Last night, we attended a 2 1/2 hour worship service. It was people-filled, but most importantly, Spirit-filled. I saw beautiful expressions of worship by people that opened my eyes to being “desperate” (in Kelly’s words) for the Lord. Seeing all that we are seeing and experiencing is making it even more difficult to understand how the writers of the Bible were able to paint such beautiful and descriptive pictures of Biblical days. There are no words to describe the setting here, the language, and the hearts. There is a reason that God commands us to “Go into all the world…” In my opinion, it’s for our growth, as well as for the growth of others. You ALWAYS find yourself being blessed more by giving. It truly is better to give than to receive….God’s Plan works that way. You can’t “out-give or out-do” His love. 
I’ll leave you with the students’ memory verse for yesterday: Ephesians 4:25
“Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor, for we are members of one another.”
What is your truth?

Jeff Whitmore commented on his time on the mission trip, particularly at Puerto Angel:
It was great to get to know the mission team better through developing personal and closer relationships. Serving together provided a great opportunity for seeing firsthand the servant hearts of this team. 

Monnie Whitmore stated: Going on this trip was a huge blessing to me. I really looked forward to going into the village two hours away from Roca Blanca to work with people. The experience showed me that people have humble hearts, have a need to love and to be loved, and they truly care for one another. I saw evidence of this in our team and in the other mission teams. Servanthood is rare these days. I’m thankful to have gotten to go!

Please pray for our mission team as they are away on their trip to Roca Blanca, Mexico March 9-16, 2019

Tim, Kristy & McKaden Barnes, Jeff & Monnie Whitmore, Barbara Keller

Leonard & Anita Pratt, Kelly, Kim & KB Edge, Don Elliott

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”

Mark 16:15(NLT

The mission team will share with us during the service on Sunday, March 17th.

It’s important to rely on God for all aspects of ministry – especially during times of great difficulty, so that efforts will produce fruit and ultimately a harvest will be gathered.

Pray that God will provide strength and perseverance when their ministry seems to be fruitless.

Pray that seeds will be planted and that missionaries would be able to see fruits of their labor.

Pray that an abundant harvest will be produced as more people learn about the love of Christ.

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5

Please PRAY FOR TRAVEL as our team prepares to leave and begins travel.

PRAY for God’s grace and favor when challenges or obstacles appear on any journey.

PRAY for protection and provision during travel.

PRAY for required permissions to be granted for travel (visa and passports) and for necessary funds for tickets and fees.

About: Mission Trip to Roca Blanca

Roca Blanca is a mission base in southern Mexico on the Pacific coast. David and Laura Pratt Nelson are missionaries there. The base has a medical clinic, a Bible school, and a language school. They minister on the base and in surrounding communities. They train pastors to plant churches and go to foreign mission fields.

Grace Chapel’s mission trip to Roca Blanca could be March 9-16, 2019.  March 9 (Saturday) and March 16 (Saturday) would be travel days. The mission work would take place on March 10-15 ( Sunday – Friday).

The mission work Grace Chapel’s team could do is medical, children’s ministry and possibly some maintenance work. The medical work would be done at the clinic on base where Laura is the resident nurse. The children’s ministry would primarily care for the children of families who come to the clinic. It should include VBS type activities. A construction project is not needed right now, but a maintenance (painting) project is possible. There will be a one-day excursion to a neighboring village to hold a medical clinic and do children’s ministry.

Translators will be provided for our mission team.

The expenses for the team on base are…

…Food – $20 per adult per day

…Food – $10 per child (2-12 yrs) per day

…Guest House – $50 per person per day

…Airport pickup – $20 per person

…Airport return – $20 per person

…$500 donation for supplies

and of course, the cost of a round trip plane ticket.

I recommend that the way to pay for the trip is for the individuals who are called to go pay for their own plane ticket or be responsible for raising the money to pay for their own ticket. The cost of the round trip plane ticket from Memphis to Puerto Escondido will be around $1,000. I also recommend that Grace Chapel would pay for all expenses while the team is in the mission on the base. The approximate cost for the team while on base is $10,000.

The team cannot be larger than 20 people, because of the logistics of airport pickup and housing accommodations.

The accommodations will be in the Guest House which has six rooms available. In those six rooms, there are 18 beds. Floor mats could be provided for some to sleep on the floor.

Please begin to pray about this with us. If you feel led to go on this mission trip please contact Pastor Don Elliott 662.415.1867.


Cynthia Young is a missionary to India.  She has visited us at Grace Chapel and we have contributed to her mission.


November 21, 2018

Hello, dear ones!

So sorry it has taken me so long to get a letter out to you all.  Please know that I am grateful for each and every one of you!!  I am aware that I could not be here if it weren’t for you all trusting me enough to send me.  We are workers together!!  With that said I would love it if you would send your prayer requests to me.  I do pray individually for you.
Also, an update to my prayer letter.  Our New Bible Study Fellowship group started in the business area of the Capitol city and we had 20 new children on the first night and six teenagers from an orphanage near the place where we meet!  I am humbled by the Honor to serve them!
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season!
Workers together,


Below are a couple of photos of items that were given by Grace Chapel’s on Nov. 11 to the “Stuff the Truck” ministry led by Jerry Whirley.  This ministry provides Christmas for foster children who would not have anything on Christmas morning.  Also in addition GC people gave $734 in cash and checks. Thank you!!!


Grace Chapel is excited to say that we were able to help with Christmas for 22 angels on the angel tree program and 6 families donated $2160 for food baskets and also donated 24 shirts for kids. We are blessed to have such a wonderful, giving church family.

In addition to the angel tree program, Grace Chapel and Freddy T’s community meal fed 397 people and there were 257 in attendance at the candlelight service. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Freddy T’s Restaurant and their staff for a fantastic evening serving our community.

House of Hope in Savannah, TN is collecting items to help Hardin County flood victims.

Follow House of Hope Savannah on Facebook for more information on how you can help.