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1. Let It Rain
2. There Is Power
3. Live To Praise You
4. What A Beautiful Name
5. Holy Is The Lord
6. Defender
7. Chain Breaker
8. This Is Amazing Grace
9. Your Great Name
10. Mighty To Save
11. Holy Spirit
12. Where You Are
13. Word Of God Speak
14. Everlasting God
15. We Will Rise

Arranged/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Worship Leader David Duncan at The Lodge Studio Rienzi, MS

GC Band :
Amy Slack, Shelby Pratt Sparks, Marty Lewis, Dillon Keith, Andy Dixon, Maria Davis, Deana Makepeace. Jabari Temple, Jackson Keith, Stacy Childs

All Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Electric Guitar / David Duncan

Drums / Jabari Temple
Acoustic and percussion / Dillon Keith

Speaking of Scripture / Pastor Don Elliott

From The Worship Leader David Duncan :
My life’s greatest honor to sing songs for my Father above. I pray that this collection of songs will minister to each of you that will hear it. I want to first give God the Glory for anything I have done in my life that has ministered to anyone. From a child, my mother and father raised me and my sisters to know God and know the bible. They instilled in us the fundamental values and morals that have made me the man that I am today. I have been a selfish ungodly man for much of my life but through His grace I have been saved and set free of the chains that held me down and for this I am so grateful and thankful to our Lord . I want to thank all the GC worship band for their many hours of work on this project. These guys bless me so much. I want to thank My pastors, Don Elliott and Leonard Pratt for setting examples for me to follow and always supporting my leadership in music. I want to thank the GC leadership team (Don, Leonard, Alisa, Anita, Jeff, Patience, Nancy, Ray, Cade, Jessica, Kelly, Kim, Tony, Amy, Marsha ) for trusting me and allowing me to lead in my own way through the Holy Spirit . I want to thank the people of GC for your support, you guys bless me more than I could ever bless you. I want to thank Marsha Fisher and Freddy Ts for having faith and giving GC a chance to exist. Marsha, your friendship and support has kept me going many times and I thank you. I want to thank my father and mother Gerald Duncan and Brenda Duncan for putting music in my face as a child and encouraging me my whole life to be a christian. I want to thank all my music heroes and mentors : Kevin and Bethany Paige, Adam Nitti , Marty Lewis, Jonathan Singleton, William Coats, Sam Coats, Chris Carver, Jason Palmer, Justin Dudley, Dustin Nunley, Trevor McKay , Jamie Michael, Waylon Michael, Dale Michael, Greg Michael, Johnny Wigginton, Matt Nolan, Chad Nolan, Shirly Taylor , Jerry Rains, Rike and Deena Pike, Scoty Young , Josh Smith, Brent Mason, Erik Johnson, Shawn Miller, Shane Rowe, Section funk travis,terrell, terrance,  my sister Sheila Duncan, Shawn Swan , RT Rhinhart, Shay and Mitci Guess, The Hill/ Hix Family , Gerald Crabb and the Crabb Family, Wayne and Jan Harper, EW&F, Stevie Wonder, Isreal Hougton, Fred Hammond, Hillsong, Vertical Worship, Deano Graham, All my CC people that i didn’t list i love you all and always grateful for those years of music and life. My family who has been there for me through it all. Erik Tilley my son I am so thankful and blessed by you daily. Sophie Crowe I love you and I’m thankful for you. Stacey and Anissa Childs your support is so appreciated. Amy Slack your love for music and God always lifts me up I thank you for the excellence you bring and the passion. To every one that has prayed for me that has stood in the gap for me that has loved me when it was hard to love me I thank you. I know at times I am difficult and I am very grateful to all who have stuck with me through it all. May the Joy of the Lord Be Your Strength friend and family. I pray you are blessed with the presence of the Lord when you listen to this music.